This is me. I am Oleo. Also known as King Oleonidas. And by a 1,000 other names. I have 4 legs and a billion hearts. Jump in, bros and ho’s.

The Boxer

The Boxer by S&G is one of my fav croons. It’s sick yo. And it makes me wanna hook my right and jab my left and go hehehaha.


Dancing with the Sun has its many advantages. Including getting golden. Didn’t get? No problem.

BaluRhymes Freestyle – 2

This is a verse I just composed right in the morning, when the dappled rays …aah, damn it. Just read and fall in love yo.

Candle in the Wind

I go to the Labrary. So I know this song was sung for some Norma Jeane and later for Di. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🙂

BaluRhymes Freestyle – 1

I treat rap like Cali weed
I smoke till I sleep
Wake up in the a.m. and compose a beat
– Just paraphrasing my family doctor, Dr Dre

There’s a song for everyone

A song is like a love. Everyone should have one. Very few do. Actually, make that ‘very, very few’. That is why we Babyfarishtas are here.

Checked me out yet?

Checks. But no balances. That’s me. In a bite sized burger. This is how I was when I was Tiny Farishta. Now I am just a grown up Baby Farishta.

Undercover Lover

I often go undercover. Very often, actually. And I always solve the mystery. Because, bros and ho’s – I AM THE MYSTERY.

I am a dandy

I must confess I have always been a wee bit obsessed with wardrobes. Wee bit only but.

Butler and Me

That’s me. Surrounded by Butler. If this image doesn’t sum up our relationship for you, you need to get your head and eyes checked homie.

Life’s a long walk

Some wisdom. And a poem by moi. I am a four legged poet in a two legger world.

Taking a bath in sunlight

I am a total Nature Balu. Yeah, that’s one of my names. Where I come from, sunlight is free and delicious. And I just love showering in it. Watch me.

All tongue. No twisters

If you see a redder tongue, take your money back nigga. Since you won’t, come and see how I do my do.

Sleeping with the Frenemy

Haha. Catchy title, ain’t it? Well, Butler and I have this thing going on with beds and sheets and …ah, just come in. And see for yourself.

Farishta. Means angel

This is how we farishtas come into your life, two leggers. And I am a Baby Farishta. Which means I got more powers, yo. Bow your head now.